Featured: Big blow to students as reopening dates shifted

Student studying (courtesy)

Since the closure of schools due to the covid-19 pandemic, students have been home and expectant that the curve will flatten and resume their studies. However, due to the rising number of covid-19 cases, their expectations have been hindered and to them resuming in September seems a dream.

Education cabinet secretary, Prof George Magoha, on Thursday 30th July , announced the shift in reopening of universities in January 2021 unlike the expected September.This gave a blow to many students especially , the final years. This directive doesn’t go well for most of them even though online learning and graduation is promised.

Sharon Jeptoo, a fourth year student at Masinde Muliro University expresses her dissapointment since her expectations have been cut short.She was in wait for her industrial attachment as she finalizes for her last exam.’ I think if there was a way all universities could ensure that the measures directed by the government are met then we the finalists would be back to our various institutions and have face to face sessions’, she says. However , She expresses that with the situation and the constant rise in covid-19 cases, she has to comply and cope with the situation.

Similarly, The Technical University of Mombasa , Student leader, Harry Sululu , urges his fellow comrades to cope with the situation and stay home until the stipulated time. Sululu who is the president to be, as per the majority voices , has been the academic secretary in the institution under the running government. Through a Whatsapp message on July 30 , advices the rest of the students to adhere to the government’s directive and keep each other in prayers.

The move by the government, stirred mixed reactions among many college students. Most conquering with the initiative while others in dilemma.

Yvonne Cherotich , seconds that the move taken by the government was right since health comes before anything else. However , she cries of the lost time that will never be recovered.

When similar route was taken way back on the secondary and primary levels of learning, most of the students seem to have forgotten all about learning.Opening their books has proved an hard task as majority are now working for payments and chores at home. ‘ Tunasaka chapaa’ as most of them say.

Godwin Ruto, a form four student at Kapungut boys secondary, explains that the time is still ripe for him to study. He States that looking for money for upkeep is his major concern at the time.’ I will study seriously for the exam come December so that I won’t forget ‘, he explains.Online learning isn’t even a concern to him.

Many candidates , the likes of Ruto are waiting for the right time to study. For them studying and preparing earlier for the exam seems unbearable.Even the online learning sessions are left only for the chosen few has the majority states.

Education in the country , is now a major concern as students turn into hustling, gambling and all other kind of odd jobs in a bid to get money . Others skip classes conducted online for reasons deemed reasonable to them and learning has proved an optional process to many.

Featured: Studies gone sour has students turn into hustling

Closed books

Since the indefinite closure of schools due to the corona virus pandemic, student’s lives have changed, their mode of study, their normal routine was turned upside down or rather sideways,their mentality changed, every aspect of their lives changed.Confusion and fear became part of their living.

Students were left with no choice but to remain home in a bid to flatten the covid -19 curve.But has it crossed your mind what they do at home? Do they even go through the pages of their books or is a forgotten story? Living has been a struggle , it has proven to be harder than we thought. A larger percentage of students have resorted to the hustle life.Looking for money to sustain their needs during this hard time , taking a bigger part of their time. Some have to even support their own families.Some of them have hard to work harder to cope with this new lifestyle.

Dennis kemoi: charcoal burning

Dennis kemoi, a student at Molo youth polytechnic has to wake up early occasionally in order to sustain his needs during this pandemic. ‘ I have to sell the charcoal to meet my needs since the times are hard, my parents can’t provide everything, kuhustle lazima’ he says. He then sells the charcoal which goes for sh. 400 per 50 kg or more.He also also alternates with working in his parents farm when need be, living him with no time for studies. To him, online learning is a forgotten story. All that he focuses on ,is money moves.He further explains that since the pandemic is unpredictable , the only option is to focus on making money and later turn back to studies.But what will become of his studies?

Felix yegon

Felix yegon, a form 3 student at Muchorwe secondary school, a local school in their hood, also goes through the same ordeal.He has to wake up has early has six o’clock to beat the 8 o’clock deadline of temporary employment , commonly termed has ‘ kibarua’ . He has to go in search of an hiring farm to work for the better part of the day, which is commonly 5hrs for a mere sh.200 each day. He prefers getting hired in the farms rather than idling at home in order to buy himself a packet of washing powder has he says.’ life isn’t easy with this pandemic, we just have to look for a way to keep us going’ . However ,Felix makes an effort of studying for 30mins- Ihr when work proves lesser.He tries to grasp the little he can , on his own.But in most cases, he sleeps early in order to embark on the ‘kibarua’ the next morning,which renders him tired after the job.

Several other students have turned into gambling to try their fate.Their lives taking a new turn, the system proving hard.But they still have to remain home, hoping that this pa ndemic will pass and resume their normal lives.

What do students in your neighborhood do? Do they study? Let me know below in the comment section 😊

5 ways of maintaining a long distance relationship

# LDRs# relationship


They say oceans only separates people but true love doesn’t fade.If you are in a long distance relationship or planning to be in one, you aren’t alone. I have encountered several questions from different people on how to maintain a long distance relationship.Mark you, it is the frequently asked question among many. Being in an LDR can be fun at the same time challenging.

In an LDR you learn to live away from your partner .Careers, jobs , education being some of the factors leading to LDRs. Though this may seem one of the challenging kind of relationship , it is one that actually exists among many and when focus takes the better part of it, it leads to advancement into marriage.

The following are ways that aids in maintenance of the relationship. You need not worry anymore.


Communication is key in every relationship.An engine cannot run without oil.similarly, a relationship cannot run without communication as it is a propeller. When in an LDR, you should both find a convenient time for both of you to know how both of you are doing. Share some fun , ideas etc. This avoids overthinking of what your partner could be doing without you and anxiety.It also helps to keep the relationship going and lively.


Everything in life must have goals. A relationship without a goal is vain. Being in love with someone is an achievement and not a game. You should learn to respect someone’s feelings and you can do this by having an aim. If you are planning to tie a knot in the future that’s another achievement.Such conversation while dating is crucial. If you are dating for fun, I think the best think is to get an hobby, or go riding , hiking or find a game to keep you busy rather than playing with someone’s heart.


Positivity amounts to success. Remaining focused on your relationship despite all the odds and challenges propels you to your goal. We also have haters and the snatchers in our society. This people will do anything to see that you part ways with your partner then fill the gap.They will come with all kind of rumours and if you give in to their words you will end up losing in your relationship.Beware of such people.

Create time

Considering the fact that you are always miles apart, you should create time to be together. The little time you have, spend together and enjoy each other’s company.


You can always have fun together virtually.crack some jokes, play games online, have video calls etc. This makes you feel loved and closer to each other despite the distance.

Distance is not a measure of love but only a measure of lenght. LDRs work❀️

10 Essentials to have in your handbag: Modern woman

Every woman wants to look elegant , classy, superb and Bosslady like. Dressing put for any event be it work place, date, school is key. However, you may be confused on what to carry in your handbag and what to leave behind.Worry no more cause I got you covered.

The following are the 10 important essentials to carry around.

1. Cash and credit cards

Credit cards

Having extra cash is very important.we need money. I mean at this age and time who doesn’t? Remember to always carry extra cash in your wallet or credit cards because you never know what happens next. An emergency may arise and you will be in need. ‘what if on a date?’ one may ask. Yes, do not go for that date without any extra cash even with assuarance of fully catered for meals and any other stuff please. I have witnessed cases of dates going sour and the lady stranded .Be vigilant, be the Boss you are.

2. Tampons/ sanitary towels

This is a must have for you as a lady. You may not be on your periods but you may get quizzes like,’ could you please help me with a pad? ‘ from your fellow sisters. Also you never know when your next flow may hit especially if you have irregular flows which is very unpredictable.Always be ready to stay happy.

Sanitary towels

3. Tissue/ wet wipes

Very key. There is this common joke that if you don’t walk around with a tissue paper you aren’t a lady. Yes, tissue papers are important, apart from the main purpose ( toilet use) , you can always dust off dust , dry off your hands, wipe off dust from your face etc. Having wet wipes is also important especially if you have an oily face like I do. It can also save you the stress of having to wash your face over and over especially for the make – up users.

4.Pen and a notebook

Writing pads

Always have writing pads in your bag. It helps you Jot down ideas as they crop your mind .If you are a content creator, writer or any creative person you are aware of the stress.personally I cannot walk around without a pen .I hate the stress of borrowing from strangers especially when on travel.You also have the ‘ can I have your pen’ types of people. This will serve them well .

5. Make-up and tools


For the makeup ladies, carrying your makeup around is important .You don’t want to have your foundation pouring all over your face especially on hot weather. A redo of your lips is also essential . Having lipstick or lipgloss to keep your lips moist is necessary. I mean , who wants to walk around with cracked lips ? Annoying right? You need quick retouch to always stay on point

6. Medicine.

Pain relievers

Always carry some pain killers with you. If you are someone with period cramps this is also essential.

7. Handkerchief

For a clean, classy lady, having more than one hanky is important.you may stain your handkerchief and this saves you the stress of buying another.

8. Book

Romance novel

A book is an essential asset for the avid readers. If you are an apt reader you know the stress of being away from books. Reading books adds you more knowledge and breaks boredom. It can be a novel, short story book or any other book of a different genre.Read Read Read

9. Portable charger

Portable charger

Phone chargers are important especially at this time of the pandemic when everything is done virtually. Staying on is always important as you may receive urgent phone calls.Be it meetings or someone somewhere may be in need of your help

10. Chewing gum/ Mint

Image by : shutterstock

You need a good chewing gum to always freshen up your breath.You do not want to be around people, yapping with foul breath. Juicy mint serves you right. Fresh breath all the time.

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OPINION: Flex in your dark complexion

Photo by : 2yamaha

Colourism is a story we don’t talk about yet it is inherent in our society. It is a prejudice still rooted globally and adversely impacts negatively on dark skinned women who suffer in silence.Most of us don’t shade light on it , yet it is an issue that should be looked into closely.

Not once, not twice have i heard comments such as , ‘ you can’t fit in since you are dark or you are not good enough because you are dark skinned . ‘ these comments really sunk my heart at some point and I felt really low.However, I know I am not alone in this, there are several other dark skinned women out there who can’t voice their opinions on this problem.

Who stated that we must always comform to the societal standards of defining beauty? Flex in your dark skin and let no one look down on you. It is a label we can’t shade. However, for most ladies, once they receive such comments especially from the opposite gender, the next time you find her going for skin- lightening or worse still, plastic surgery so as to fit in the bracket. We live in a society where beauty is defined by our skin tones. With the notion that ‘ light-skinned women are beautiful’ .when will our young girls and women learn to embrace the different shades of black?

Kenyan showbiz industry though glittery and promising still have such undertones running . Terms such as ‘pointee’ , ‘simpson’, ‘light-skin’ etc re used to refer to the light-skinned women. Such connotations are discriminatory and should be ditched. Moreover, black women with lighter skin tone find it easier to get ahead because of colourism in the arena. This has even spread to the music industry whereby dark skin black women receive trolls on social media due to their skin tones whereas their counterparts, top the list of best artists when however, there could be darker-skinned women just talented and we would never know. For example, the Gengetone artists, the Ochungulo family hit song ‘ make-up’ went up really fast .This song definitely speaks of the dark women masked in make up. Stating that it is not beauty but makeup.I mean, why is the society discriminating over black, yet we are all Africans? Can’t we stop defining beauty by our skin tones and look beyond the outward appearance.

Furthermore, the situation is not different even in the entertainment industries whereby beauty is incredibly at its peak. For one to escalate the ladder , your appearance is key. Women with light skin tone are at the fore front and infront of the cameras while the melanin left behind. This is really humiliating. We as are stretching racism in our own race, society and even our own families. If we can’t teach our own young ones to embrace our differences in appearance , how do we expect them to change in the future when grown up?

Amidst all however, artists such as sauti Sol have tried to support the dark skin women all over the world via their hit song, ‘ Suzanna and melanin’ which featured dark skinned women. The film industry is on toes too with inclusivity as the dark skinned women are given opportunity to be part of the film world. For example, the Black panther , are praised for representing darker women in film through the cast, Lupita nyong’o and Letitia Wright who are dark skinned.

Even with efforts of fighting colourism , we can’t forget past incidences .The following are some of the individuals who faced discrimination because of their dark skin tones.

1. Kheris Roger

Kheris Roger

Kheris Roger, was discriminated in 2018 in grade school basing on her skin tone.However, after getting advice from her grandmother who adviced her to flex on her skin complexion later on started her fashion line which attracted the attention of many celebrities , the likes of Lupita nyong’o through her brand ‘Flexin in my complexion’

2. Lioness

Grime artist lioness/ photo by: kevstakespics

Lioness almost gave up because of her dark-skin . She quitted music for seven years partly due to prejudice according to News beat.She even missed out on opportunities and phrases such as ‘ you should have done this if you were a bit light skin..’ hurted her. She later released a remix of her single Dead Black Thing( DBT) which she featured darker women such as Letitia to hit back at colourism.

Moreover, According to BBC news (2018), British top artists female of black heritage , majority are light skinned dark women. The likes of Rihanna, Beyonce, cardi B.This raises raises some red flags, are the dark skinned not good enough?

Top female artists

All in all , black is beauty .Every dark skinned woman is beautiful , let your skin glow and appreciate your shade of black. Self love matters alot. Get up and follow your dream. Do not let your skin tone deter you from achieving your goals. I yearn for an age where we could all appreciate all shades of black and ditch the incessant bullying.Black is a label we can’t shade.

How to Remain sane during the covid-19 pandemic

Photo by: shutterstock

With the covid-19 pandemic, our lives have taken a completely different pattern. Our worlds have been thrown upside down or rather sideways and living is completely taking a different route. All our activities are now taking place from the hearth of our living rooms as we strive on flattening the corona virus curve.

Remaining sane during such period is very crucial. Our minds tend to get congested and heavy due to the violation of normalcy . Isolation and self distancing can also impact on us pyschologically and health wise as majority of us are used to the ‘up and about’ life. Staying in one place over time may not be our cup of tea.Getting stuck maybe a norm for one during such a time.But how can one retain their sanity? The following are some of the tips to help you retain your sanity and plan for the next big activity without boredom.

1.Have a schedule

To avoid getting stuck on what to do next, have a daily schedule to guide you through . Following your schedules regularly keeps you up early morning baring in mind that you have something to accomplish by the end of the day.It also keeps you busy and avoid jumping from one task to another which really drains your energy. Keen follow up of routines also enables you to cover alot especially at this point whereby all the activities be it work, hobbies are now done online and from the comfort of our homes. Busy schedules also narrows down the expansive time we have indoors and enables one grow rather than just idling around like one with a bleak future.

2. Follow up on current affairs and News

Remain updated on what’s happening currently globally to avoid unnecessary confusion during this pandemic .Instead of always getting to hear news second hand, try to catch a glimpse of what’s happening and know how the world is progressing as they try to combat the deadly virus.You may not be a news chunkie, but atleast it helps in keeping you busy as you get to know what’s revolving around this vast universe.It also helps to clear any doubt and fear

3. Spend time with family and friends

When was the last time you spent time with your family? Christmas uhh? Utilize this pandemic time to get to know your family better. Laugh with them, get to know their hobbies, play hide and seek with your little brothers and sisters.Get to know how they are progressing with their schooling .This time is like a get together moment for most of us who are always out on professional and other stuff far from our families. Being with family is the best time ever but remember to keep distance. Also get in touch with your friends virtually. Attend their birthdays, know their hobbies , how many likes they got on Instagram πŸ˜‚, what their current activities are. This will break your monotony and boredom and activate your brain.

4. Discover your abilities and talents.

There was a meme on whatsapp someone joking of having to watch Covid-19 got talent.Yes, this is the best time to discover your new abilities and talents and being able to grow them. If you can dance, please do and let’s see your new moves via our social media platforms.Shake that body let’s get the vibes. If you can cook, let’s have a taste of your kitchen mastery and so forth. It time that we grow in our abilities and all that we can do to earn that little cash. Don’t be a potato coach with your rythm as, ‘Eat,watch, sleep’. This may impact negatively on your health. Atleast get up , jog ,to keep you keep fit for the day.

5. Exercise and Eat well

Yes. Someone might be wondering what exercise has to do with your brain.Doing some yoga, jogging, skating around the house, if you are a fan really rejuvenates your brain, keeps you active and ready to face the day strongly. Atleast do some exercise every morning i.e press ups, sit ups, squats for ladies etc.It’s great for your health. Eating healthy during this time is also very important. Avoid eating alot of junk food especially at this time when most of the activities are done indoors .Stick to a balanced diet and food fit for your health.

Incase of any additions you feel could be added to this article , feel free to comment belowπŸ˜€

Social media Traffic – Corona virus crisis

Hello guys! How’s the self-quarantine period! With the threat of the COVID-19, I feel we have been distanced from each other .The partying, crowding,fun we had are all now transferred online. Thank Goodness! The existence of the online media is now playing a key role in our interactivity.

Online platforms are taking over during this pandemic making work easier for everyone.professionals, casual workers, parents, students are sharing information online.Since the mass closure of schools, many learning institutions have transferred their learning online.Assignments, notes and other learning materials are shared online.Emails, WhatsApp playing a major role in this crisis.Educative television programs are also aired to boost learning from home.Institutions of higher learning ,also allow their students to access materials online ie. Past papers, books .

Businesses, companies are also working online.Following, the ban of mass gatherings and crowding many companies laid of their workers and are now working online. Assessment and monitoring of the workers is also done online as they work from the comfort of their homes to slow down the spread of the contagion.

However, for the bloggers , tweeters , Instagram gigs and other online content creators it is a blessing in disguise since they are facing traffic at this time. With millions of people accessing the internet every single second, they have to create content frequently for their viewers and funs .It is also a good time to increase your numbers.Creativity is at top notch for most of the creators too during this crisis since one can just write, produce content at the comfort of their homes.

Food bloggers, fashion bloggers,film bloggers,news bloggers among the most active blogs with people frequenting their sites in quest for any trickling information.Hence, they have to rejuvenate their energy to keep up with the pace of events and satisfy their audience thirst for information.

Entertainment sources such as memers, funny video creators are not left behind during this global crisis. They are the most active members of the society updating their audience with new information 😁.You guys are of value especially during this isolation time . Imagine life without memes? Some people purposely get online to be entertained through memes and funny videos.Surprising uhh? That’s it.Guys thumbs up for the entertainments we really enjoy especially now when most of us are glued to our smart phone screens.

So guys let me know how social media is working for you during this time. leave your comments below . Thanks.

Coronavirus: social distancing, self- quarantine

As I sat at the high, wooden , brown seat , watching from a detached point of view, two women walk down the dusty road from the opposite directions towards each other.Their faces sullen as if potraying the already hidden breeze of fright within them .They bypass each other with a simple wave not uttering a word with each other as per the custom of the villagers. Shaking of hands was a symbol of love and happiness but with the rapid spread of the deadly virus, keeping the distance meant meaning well for your neighbours .

Since the onset of the Coronavirus ( COVID-19) pandemic , our world seem to have been brought to a standstill.The virus which is now claiming lives in a row being the topic of discussion everywhere. Its spread instilling fear among many especially for news junkies like myself.The social media being a major route in the spread of fear as many are hooked to the online media which keeps updating new information on the issue as they occur. With this malady, new terms such as ‘ social distancing and self quarantine ‘ are common in every conversation .

social distancing is a term used by Public health officials applied to certain actions meant to slow down or stop the spread of the virus.It is also seen as a way of creating physical barrier between two or more people .The aim of social distancing is to ‘ flatten the curve’ which helps in delaying the spread of the virus.It also helps in lengthening the period over which the virus travels through a population and push the peak number of cases back to make it appear later.

The following are some of the social distancing measures imposed by the kenyan government :

1. Closure of schools

The government order the closure of all learning institutions effective on 16 March 2020. This measure was implemented to avoid spread of the virus due to congestion and in consideration of the high population in learning institutions in Kenya.

2.Cancelling of events

The government has banned social gatherings i.e church services, weddings , funerals to reduce the spread of covid 19 virus .such mass gatherings are not allowed since they foster rapid spread of the virus due to crowding .

Self quarantine and isolation is also a form of social distancing.It is aimed at preventing people who are infected or are known to have had contact with the infected from passing the virus .This prevents the mixing of people . currently , the kenyan government advices people to self isolate and stay indoors to avoid contracting the virus . With the number of those infected rising to 31 in Kenya while globally 21,290 people have died as per statistics given by World Health Organization (WHO).With this alarming rate of deaths some countries are even experiencing ‘ lockdown’ .countries such as Wuhan,China being in six weeks of lockdown among other countries.

Due to the dreaded virus which is globally pushing the world down or rather sideways, every individual is urged to take responsibility in their hands through the implementation of policies imposed by health officials such as the sanitizing, maintaining hygiene through washing of hands and remaining indoors amongst others .This will help in fighting this dreaded virus which is claiming innocent souls.

The sad tale of a missed childhood.

Mulioki’s residence

“I started selling miraa at the age of 12. By then, we would fetch miraa from the shamba in Meru and transport them to Mombasa in trucks”, Mulioki Kauthara alias Morio narrates .

Morio was immersed in the miraa business at a tender age of 12.An age whereby most of his mates were still playing hide and seek and comfortable under the cover of their parents, but to him it was a turning point of his life.He had to learn a new means of survival after his education hit a wall due to financial instability.Furthermore , living with a single mother and a sister, he had to up his game in order to provide for the people he treasured , bearing in mind the society’s portrayal of the male figure.That left him with no choice but to delve into the Miraa business .

Morio first set his foot in Mombasa in the year 1982 when they had their first Miraa market in Mwembe Tayari, Mombasa. The famous Kongowea market was unknown by the time. He teamed up with older colleagues in transporting their goods to Mombasa , however it was sold individually. He states that other sellers preferred selling their products in Maua, Meru as it was cheap but for them they thirsted for a higher bid and thus there journey began.Their products were sold in retail as they fetched from the farms in Meru.Miraa farms were even booked earlier in advance before harvest of the products due to high demand by the sellers.

When the days were better as he puts it, some of the Miraa were even transported to far off places such as Malindi, Somalia for better prices. The Miraa vendering became part and parcel of his life. It was sold at a reasonable price which he states as sustainable to them . The Miraa was packaged and sold in kilograms.

Business went on well until the then government ruled by the late president of Kenya Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi imposed strict laws on Miraa vendering.The drug was considered illegal then and anyone violating the law found themselves behind bars. This wasn’t goodnews to the venders as their livehood was dependant on the illegal business.Morio wasn’t an exception. He was locked in at Jela Baridi prison in Mombasa for 2 months for selling miraa. This marked the end of his Miraa business and opened a new chapter of his life.

Current work place.

After the two months in prison which seemed an eternity to Morio, he opted to job hunting in the city since he had nothing to turn to in his rural home. The little piece of land owned by his mother wasn’t enough for settling . After days of hustling , he landed himself a job as a gateman in one of the estates in Mombasa,hired by an Arab guy. He then works there to date and he is able to feed and raise his family altogether.’ I achieved nothing from the Miraa business and would not turn back to it’ he concludes sadly.

Boosters of social media engagement

Social media platforms

Social media has been a major source of interactivity among many people.Thousands of people currently flock social media platforms on a daily basis. Be it WhatsApp, Twitter,linked in, Facebook etc. Such interactivity with social media is referred to as social media engagement. Various individuals interact with the media for different purposes.

Media consumption among the users plays a key role in every users life. An assumption made by one of the scholars being that of ‘rubbish in , rubbish out’ and vice-versa .However, the rate of engagement and usability of the media differs basing on different considerations.

The following are some of the useful basic boosters of media engagement that can change your view of the media and your media usage .


Consistent content generation is key. You should always upload new content for your audience basing on your preference.This can be done on a weekly basis,monthy or even daily basis.This keeps your audience on toes and enables them to know when to expect new content from you. Consistency also creates rapport with the audience since they can participate in liking, commenting and sharing of your content across their accounts which is a great booster on your side.

2.Knowing your audience

A major step for every content creator is knowing your audience.once your are conversant with the people who can relate with your content then you are free to match up to their expectations. No content creator, be it a YouTuber,blogger blindly creates content without a suitable knowledge of the audience. This is entirely a plan of failure. For example, a YouTuber who markets his/ her products via YouTube has to know the exact audience in order to understand their expectations.

3.working with numbers.

Social media is a game of numbers .It involves mastery of numbers ,accumulation and elevation .The more numbers of likes, comments or saves a person gets in Instagram for example, makes them feel loved, famous. Similar to Twitter and so forth.some of the tactics of increasing your numbers is by maintaining consistency in your posts and uploads, Responding to your audience comments and knowing their expectations. This enables you create new ,exciting content for your viwers or listeners.

4.Type of content

Choose the type of content to feed your audience carefully.Not everything is to be posted or uploaded. Some of the bad posts one can post can taint your image as a content creator. Try as much as possible to always potray the positive aspect of your stories and maintain professionalism. This will attract more people to your site as they will yearn to know more about you. Negative content destroys your reputation and can even kill your career.A good example is on Instagram. Everyone is Rich, as a good house,good life in insta but when it comes to the real life of the insta celebrities , you will be shocked to know that things are different. This temporary insta life enables the Instagram celebrities add numbers to their pages day by day.An approach that should be embraced by content creators.Not necessarily potraying the ‘fake life’ but the positive side of it.

5.Active Response

Active participation is key . In as much as we post content on social media, we should always have a follow up to check on the number of likes, comments ,saves and shares from the audience.This enables one to clarify any unclear information and issue raised from the viewers.It also provides a one on one interaction with the consumers of our content through the comment sections. This section should always be organized in a manner which can be easily seen and accessed by the viewers.

This are some of the few steps to enable you grow your YouTube channel, Instagram,Facebook,Twitter account or any other account . However , all of those may not apply to all users depending on the different choice of platforms and preference.